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Sunbeam Skull fan grill

Introduction Another review from Murdoc and today he is having a close look at the skull fan grill from Sunbeam that was provided to us by Jab-Tech. About Jab-tech: Jab-tech Specifications: UV sensitive Clear acrylic Addition Molex Power connector Fits 80mm fan. The product: Please click on thumbnails to get bigger pictures The Fan grill […]

Creative T7700 7,1 surround kit and Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS

Introduction A new soundcard and a new surround sound kit… can it be better? This will be interesting as Creative sent us a brand new Audigy 2 ZS and T7700 sound kit. We will be focusing on the speakers, however they will be tested on this new Audigy 2 card to get the best sound […]

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Logisys Ledfeet

Introduction Well Ledfeet are pretty new still on the modding market but they really do add a nice look to your case. We got some of these feet from Xoxide and today we are having a chance to take a look at them closeup. This will be interesting to see how they really do look […]

Macally Buzzball

Introduction Have you ever sat by the computer and felt a pain somewhere on your body? Most of us have and tonite we are having a look at a product that might relieve the problem 🙂 It’s a Macally Buzzball, which is a massage ball that you plug into your USB port and run it […]

Sunbeam Liquid Neon Tube

Introduction Today I�m going to be reviewing the �Liquid Neon� by sunbeam. The neon comes in an excellent box to keep it from being damaged. The side of the package gives the details of the neon, the one I will be looking at is the blue spiral pattern neon. The plastic box opens at the […]

Zalman Zmwb2 waterblock

Introduction Watercooling is a nice thing if you prefer a quiet computer or great cooling. Therefore there are alot of manufacturers out there doing different kinds of waterblocks etc. Zalman has put themselves on this market by releasing a waterblock also. Tonite we will have a look at the Zmwb2 from them. It seems to […]

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JacolTech 5,25 water tank

Introduction I have been looking seriously for a large and good quality watertank for awhile and I might have found what I’m looking for since Jacoltech sent me a 5,25 drive bay tank. You basically mount the tank in a 5,25 drive bay and connect the hoses. The tank is made out of acrylic so […]

Steelpad 4D

Introduction We reviewed a Steelpad awhile back and tonite we are having a look at the 4D pad that the released. Its a different kind of pad since its not made out of steel as the original steelpad. This one is in plastic so it might work a bit better than the original one. The […]

Enermax Cs5190al-061 aluminum case

Introduction This is a really nice case that we are having a look at today! Enermax has a good reputation for making nice cases. They sent us this cool aluminum case that we will be looking closer at. It has a VERY nice black finish; it’s as if you’re looking into a mirror. It has […]

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AMD Xp2800 Cpu

Introduction Well this product does probably not need any presentation. We recieved a AMD XP 2800+ from AMD which we are going to have a look at today. This is probably the best processor at the moment if you look at price/speed ratio. We are going to compare it to a 2600+ to see how […]

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