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SilenX 400w PSU

ntroduction Specifications: nput: 115/230V @ 50/60 Hz Output: 400W 3.3V – 30.0A 5.0V – 40.0A 12.0V – 18.0A More specifications The product: Please click on thumbnails to get bigger pictures The power supply came very well packed in a box even though I did not take a picture of it 🙂 Included with the power […]

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Swiftech MCX 462-V

Introduction Swiftech is a very familiar name for most people that know some about cooling. Swiftech has made themselves known by making very good watercooling and air cooling products for a longer time period now. They have been on top of the cooling market and beaten most of the competition. We are having a look […]

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X-trac Ripper, Micro and Hammer mousepads

Introduction We have reviewed a few mousepads from Xtrac before and they have always ended up with a good result. Xtrac sent us their new pads called the Ripper, Micro and Hammer. These are pretty big mousepads that seem to have the same features as the older pads from Xtrac. Let’s have a closer look […]

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Belkin 8in1 media reader USB 2

Introduction We reviewed a 8in1 media reader from Belkin like a year ago that was USB 1 and tonite we have their USB 2 reader on the test bench. This will be interesting to see the difference between USB 1 and USB 2. Media readers are great tools for people that use alot of different […]

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Albatron Kx18dpro2 motherboard review

Introduction Date 2003-12-21 Provider: Albatron Author: BigMan Editor: Princess Ammie Albatron Kx18dpro2 motherboard Albatron sent us a motherboard which we have on the test bench tonite. It will be interesting how this Nforce 2 board can perform. We have it setup against the Epox 8rda3+ which is a very popular board at the moment. We […]

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Trust 4500p surround sound kit

Introduction Tonite we are going to have a look at a sound kit from Trust. We got one of their best kits on our testing bench. Its a surround sound kit which seems to be pretty inexpensive. We are no audiophiles here so we are just going to see how this kit works in normal […]

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DFI Nf2 Ultra Infinity motherboard

Introduction Date 2003-12-13 Provider: DFI Author: BigMan Editor: Princess Ammie DFI Nf2 Ultra Infinity motherboard DFI�s series of motherboards are now well known by now as they are starting to get very big in the motherboard business.. Tonite we are having a look at the Nforce 2 board from DFI called Nf2 Ultra. DFI was […]

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Xpcases Uv Ide cable

Introduction Rounded cables you gotta love em. The increase the airflow and look damn cool. When I got this round IDE cable I had no idea that it was �ultra violet� (UV) reactive, but discovered its nature when the Bigman himself told me. UV cables appear to glow when placed under an ultra violet light […]

Sapphire ATI Radeon 9600XT 128mb video card

Introduction We reviewed a Sapphire 9600 awhile back and today we are going to have a look at a similar but newer card called 9600Xt. We are going to see how these perform against each other and if there is any difference in gaming with them. Sapphire makes great video cards so this will be […]

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Beantech 7in1 media reader

Introduction Another review from Murdoc. This time he is taking a look at a 7in1 media reader from Beantech. Stay tuned as he does alot of testing and has put some nice effort into this review just for you guys/girls 🙂 About Beantech: BeanTech is a professional manufacturer of cases, rack mounts, storage solutions, USB […]

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