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Leadtek K7 NCR18D motherboard

Introduction Date 2003-11-30 Provider: Leadtek Author: BigMan Editor: Princess Ammie Leadtek K7 NCR18D motherboard Leadtek as a company is well known for their video cards. Tonite though we are having a look at one of their motherboards. It’s a Nforce 2 board that has the weird name K7 NCR18D. It seems to be a really […]

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Sunbeam Counter strike fan grill provided by

ntroduction I have looked at these fan grills for some time with interest, it goes against convention to have them made out of plastic but we have plastic cases now and they look great. A fan grill for some time had only one function to guard various objects from the fan, I have heard stories […]

Sunbeam lighted IDE cables

Introduction Well tonite we are having a look at some lighted IDE cables from Sunbeam. Sunbeam has made themselves known as a modding company and we have reviewed several of their products lately. Tonite however we are having a look at some IDE cables that light up to give your case a nicer look. Let’s […]

Nostromo Speedpad N50

Introduction Today we are having a look at something for gamers. It’s the Nostromo speedpad N50. This is supposed to be a unit that will help you play FPS games easier. You control the whole unit with your left hand which leaves your right hand for your mouse. It seems to have all the buttons […]

Conex Lighted USB cables

Introduction BMODS REVIEWS Date 2003-11-15 Provider: Conex Author: Murdoc Editor: Princess Ammie Conex Lighted USB cables So I get my hands on these USB cables on first impressions they look like ordinary USB cables, until you plug them in they look quite amazing. Even the ladies like them my girlfriend thinks their great, in fact […]

Plextor CDRW SCSI 40*12*40

Introduction Ok I have never done a cd burner review so gI’m giving it a shot now 🙂 Plextor was nice and sent us a Scsi CDRW 40*12*40. This is the fastest SCSI burner in the world. We are going to have a closer look at this and see how it performs with readings from […]

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Zalman Cnps3100+ cpu cooler

Introduction Today we are having a look at a weird shaped cpu cooler from Zalman. It even goes with the weird name Cnps3100+. It has the flower heatsink that has gotten really popular lately. We are going to see how it performs under some overclocking and how it just performs under normal use and if […]

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Xpcases X-dreamer 2 case

Introduction We have several cases here at rbmods at the moment. Tonite we are having a look at the Xdreamer 2 case from XPcases. The Xdreamer were really popular so they seem to have decided to make a new version with some improvments of this case. It’s a premodded case with a nice window on […]

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Aspire X-Alien aluminum case

Introduction Tonite we are going to have a look at the X-Alien case from Aspire. This case is REALLY SWEET looking but we are going to go inside the case and see what it looks like. There are tons of cases out there which are premodded and I’ve been against them for awhile, but this […]

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Corsair Twinx1024x-3700LL

Introduction Awhile back we reviewed TwinX3200 memory from Corsair. Tonite it’s time for a newer version called 3700. This is going to be tested with some heavy overclocking as usual. We are also going to have a look at the timings etc that this memory can run at. We know that Corsair makes great sticks […]

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