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Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 IDE and SATA

Introduction It’s harddrive review time here at rbmods tonite. We have some sweet drives from Seagate called Barracuda 7200.7. Also we have one IDE and one SATA; both which are on 160 gig that will be compared to each other. And we also have an older 20 gig drive to show the difference in older […]

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Geargrip LCD harness

Geargrip LCD harness Geargrip is a pretty big company that is working behind the scenes since they don’t make hardware or modd products. They make carry bags for screen and computers. They sent me a sample of their LCD harness which is a carry “bag” for your LCD screen. This seems to be a nice […]

Coolermaster Aero 7 Lite

Introduction We have reviewed several Aero coolers from Coolermaster and they have all had great test resuslts. Tonite we are having a look at a Lite version of the Aero 7. Instead of a copper heatsink it has an alimunum one. We are going to have a look how it performs against Coolermasters newcomer Jet […]

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Skyhawk Psr-5602 aluminum case

Introduction Tonite we are having a look at an aluminum computer case from Skyhawk. Skyhawk makes nice cases at low prices as many of us have already seen. Aluminum cases have been on the market for awhile now and are very popular because of their nice looks and very light weight. What about this case […]

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Sunbeam CCFL fan grill

Introduction The fan grill arrive excellently packed and in a plastic �bubble� packet, the colour of the grill is marked on the back, also stating that the grill has not one but 2 cold cathodes inserted in its plastic exterior, these can be seen clearly, when not connected to the power they are a bright […]

Sunbeam Cigarette lighter

Introduction My first thought when I opened this was,’What do you do with a cigarette lighter on the computer?!’ Well I guess this is a great product for people that smoke. With this gadget from Sunbeam you can mount a cigarette lighter in a 5.25 drive bay. Easy to use and you never have to […]

Coolermaster Aerogate 1

Introduction Tonite we are having a look at a fan controller. Today it’s the Aerogate1 from Coolermaster. There are tons and tons of fan controllers out there so let’s have a look what the difference is with this fan controller. We know that Coolermaster makes great products so this will be a fun review to […]

Mitronc fan controller provided by Eksitdata

Introduction I have reviewed fan controllers after fan controllers and today doesn’t seem to be any different. We are going to have a look at a fan controller called Mitron. This was provided to us by Eksitdata and we are going to see how it works and how it is quality wise. It has nice […]

TFT lock from Eksitdata

Introduction To start with I want to say that you won’t find another place on the net that reviews crazy products like we do 🙂 Check out this review for example. You might want to lock your screen or computer when sitting in a huge LAN party so the stuff won’t get stolen. If so […]

Gigabyte Ga7vt600

Introduction Date 2003-10-09 Provider: Gigabyte Author: BigMan Editor: Princess Ammie Gigabyte Ga7vt600 Nforce 2 is found here and there but what about Via Kt600? Well that’s tonites review object since we have this Kt600 board from Gigabyte. We are going to test nforce 2 vs this kt600 to see if there is a huge difference […]

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