128GB SSD Roundup

AS SSD Benchmark, Duration:

128GB SSD Roundup

In the duration and copy benchmark the difference between the older Patriot and the new drives is pretty big.

We can see that the Crucial keeps being faster on the duration bench and we get mixed results on the copy benchmark itself.

AS SSD Benchmark, Copy:

128GB SSD Roundup


There are more SSD disks on the market; for example: OCZ, Corsair, and a few others. Both Kingston and Crucial are big sellers though and perform very well in most tests.

The Patriot drive in this test was older but managed to keep up very well with write speeds. Overall, the Crucial was a tad faster than the Kingston but if you can get any of these drives for good prices go for it as they are both solid and good performers. Neither of the drives have a lot of complaints due to instability like some OCZ and Corsair drives do so these are a good choice. I managed to pick up the Kingston for myself for less than 130$ which is a steal so make sure to look for good deals at like Newegg and Amazon.

If you want the fastest go with the Crucial drive, since it has performed the best without any issues.

The Crucial M4 gets our recommendations!

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